Amy's Kitchen Spicy Chilli 416 g (Pack of 6) - B009F7KATA

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Amy's Kitchen is a family business with every member of the family taking part. The company was started in 1987, when Amy was born.

Amy’s Kitchen offers taste so good because its products are made from the kind of real ingredients that people use in their own kitchen with no additives or preservatives. If a child can’t pronounce it, you won’t find it on an Amy’s label, with cooking methods similar to those used at home or in fine restaurants. Pizza crusts are shaped by hand. Sauces and gravies are made the old-fashioned way, beginning as a roux.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are grown naturally, the way nature intended food to grow, without the use of insecticides, harmful chemicals and genetic modification. This benefits the growers, the consumers and the environment. No meat, fish, poultry or eggs are ever used in any product. Cheeses are made with pasteurised milk and do not contain animal enzymes or rennet.

Chilli is fun food... hearty, substantial and plain good eating.  From its modest beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, chilli has spread far and wide.  Amy's meatless version of this well-known dish - made from pure natural ingredients - will satisfy chilli lovers everywhere.  For those who like their chilli hot... natural red beans in a Mexican sauce that's nice and spicy.

Amy's Kitchen Spicy Chilli 416 g (Pack of 6) - B009F7KATA